Birthdays are exciting for everyone! We will celebrate your child's birthday in class on the day of (or as close to) his or her birthday. Summer birthdays will also be celebrated (each class does so in a different way).

Per school policy, please do not send in a class snack or treat for your child's birthday. If you would prefer, a class book is always a great alternative. Some families choose to send a book from home or a new book to be donated to the classroom. Your child (or teacher) may read the book or a portion of it to the class. If you have a question, please ask your child's teacher.

We will do our best to make this an extra special day for the birthday student and each class has its own special way of celebrating!

**Please do not send birthday invitations to be passed out at school. It is crushing for a child when he/she is excluded. Addresses of children can be found in the Student Directory or Class Roster.