Welcome to 1st Grade!

Our goal for the school year is to create classroom environments where students will always feel welcome, safe, and, most importantly, excited to learn!

Check back regularly for updates and important information.

Don't forget to check out the different resources available under the Homework & Resource tab, including sight word flash cards, different sight word activities, math fact cards, and learning websites.

Please take some time to browse our First Grade website. Each tab at the top has a drop down linking to more information. We work hard to keep the website up to date and often you can find answers to many of your questions by visiting the website. We highly encourage you to focus on the First Grade Announcements tab at this time to review first grade expectations and other school procedures.

Distance Learning Information

Assignments will be emailed weekly

Please email your teacher if you have any questions about assignments

  • Math workbooks, Journals, and Studies Weekly articles have already been sent home for at home work. Please do not start work until you are emailed specific assignments from the First Grade teachers.
  • This assignment sheet will be emailed each week to all first grade families with specific assignments and live links to resources for work online or to print and complete at home.
  • The expectation is that you work at your own pace and return work and workbooks upon return to school. Please return all resources.
  • Blue, underlined words in this assignment sheet are hyperlinks to either website resources or PDF documents to open and print at home.
  • If needed, all middle school and high school cafeterias will be open for Free & Reduced packaged meal service from 8:00 - 9:00 AM, and again from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Elementary students may go to any middle or high school for their meals.

Distance Learning Digital Resources

Some of these resources are shared on the weekly assignment sheet, but some are new so that the sheet doesn't get too busy.

If you are in need of technical support, please email You may also text or call our support team at 818-538-6433. Please know that the technical team is fielding a lot of support needs, so we recommend sending messages via email or text and we will reply or call as necessary.

Resources that Include Multiple Subject Areas:

  • Zoom: How to Use Zoom
  • BrainPOP Jr.
  • TED‐​Ed (k-12)– TED‐​Ed offers a free suite of high‐​quality videos on a variety of topics for learners of all ages, including supplemental materials, discussion questions, and opportunities to probe deeper into areas of interest. Register as an educator and you can help to customize your child’s learning experience, or let your child explore independently.
  • PBS KIDS for Parents offers free resources and family learning activities. You could also tune in to KQED Plus TV programming for educational TV programming.
  • ABC Ya! Practice the alphabet, go on a Multiplication Space Race, or choose activities based on topics of interest.
  • NeoK12 (k-12) - A solid collection of learning activities including educational videos, games, quizzes, puzzles, and more. Click on one of dozens of categories like World War II, laws of motion, allergies, or arts & crafts for tons of learning modules to choose from.

English Language Arts:


  • XtraMath website
  • Happy Numbers website
  • Prodigy Math (k-8) – Prodigy is a free, online math program that uses a fun video game‐​style interface to engage learners. Users create their characters and conquer challenges while doing math along the way, tied to their skill level and aligned with core competencies.
  • Khan Academy (k-12) – Offers high quality YouTube instructional videos in a wide range of content areas, including all levels of mathematics, English language arts, science, history and SAT preparation. Content is aligned with state curriculum standards, and parents can view and track their children’s progress. Quick Start Video
  • TumbleMath (K-6) - k6 Math Ebook Database

Science & Social Studies:

  • Mystery Science link in Assignment sheet (we can't share here)

Visual & Performing Arts:

  • Art For Kids Hub
    • Kid friendly directed draw videos. They also have a YouTube channel with more drawings, so chances are, if it’s not a free drawing on the site, you can find it on their YouTube channel.
  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems at the Kennedy Center
    • Mo Willems, author of the Pigeon books and Elephant and Piggie books, is the Artist-in-Residence at the Kennedy Center. New episodes will be posted each weekday at 1:00 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PST and then remain online to be streamed afterwards).
    • It’s possible the actual Kennedy Center site is overloaded with traffic. Here is a link to the recorded videos Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems YouTube channel

Physical Education & Movement:

Student 360:


  • NASA Kids’ Club (k-5) - There’s so much science to discover here, it will keep kids busy for hours! Try the Space Place, where kids can play games, do online crafts, and more, all relating to NASA.
  • Discovery Streaming (k-12)– Immersive Learning for STEM lessons.
  • Scratch (k-12) - An introductory programming website, where kids can learn to create interactive stories, games, and animations through coding, and then share them with others.
  • Tinkercad (k-12)- This is an awesome website for 3-D design, electronics, and coding.
  • Science Snacks - Hands on science activities from the Exploratorium

Extension Activities, Virtual Field Trips, & Learning Games:

Donors Choose

Below are links to teachers' Donors Choose pages if you are interested in donating to any active projects.

Mrs. Hansen's Donors Choose page

Mrs. Horne's Donors Choose page

Mrs. Juarez's Donors Choose page

Carpool Line Reminders

  • First Grade teachers will accompany students out to the carpool line for the first couple weeks of school while they learn the routine and rules. It is very important that you are on time to pick up your students so they do not have to wait longer than necessary. After the first few weeks, students will be escorted out at the end of the day, but only the staff member on carpool duty will be out at carpool line. Please help follow the carpool rules so everyone can be picked up safely and quickly. Thank you!
  • Please do not wait at the classroom for your student or crowd the hallway as students exit. The front of the school is far more spacious and it will help kids get to their families quicker.
  • Carpool Line Reminder: Please help do your part and pull all the way forward in both morning and afternoon carpool line before having your child leave or enter your car. If cars ahead of you are about to move, please wait and pull forward to help the line move along. Often times in the morning, staff is unable to park due to parents either not pulling forward or just parking at the curb. IT IS NOT SAFE TO LET KIDS EXIT OR ENTER THE CAR WHILE AWAY FROM THE CURB. This is for the safety of everyone at school that we ask that you follow these carpool rules. Thank you for your support in following BL rules.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Week of March 16-20 & March 23-27 School Closure: More information will be sent to families as it evolves