2020 - 2021 programme


The Forest of Glass project

Introduction to ‘The Forest of Glass’ project and the 2020/21 mentorship programme

  • The Forest of Glass is a mixed-media installation of flameworked and beaded glass plants to showcase the natural environment and express the installation’s message that biodiversity matters. It was initiated by two of the 2019/2020 Festival of Glass mentees (Roxy van Beveren & Jane Jarecki).

  • The project is acting as a focus for the 2020/21 Festival of Glass mentorship programme.

Adapting the 2020 Mentorship programme to the Covid-19 regulations

  • Face-to-face mentoring: Several of the planned face-to-face lampwork workshops for the 2020/2021 mentorship programme have been postponed due to Stage 3 Covid-19 restrictions. These will resume if and once restrictions lift.

  • Virtual mentoring: Several virtual sessions will be offered to the mentees who participate in the Forest of Glass project to ensure that it is possible to progress the mentorship during Covid-19 restrictions.

Mentees and recruitment in Covid-19 times

  • Roxy van Beveren and Jane Jarecki will continue in the programme for 2020/21.

  • VIctoria Peterson joined the programme in 2020/21. She has participated in one face-to-face beadwork session to date and has been invited to join The Forest of Glass beadwork component of the programme for the remainder of 2020.

  • As it is not possible to recruit in the usual way through the schools, we will move to social media recruitment to seek other mentees for the 2020/21 programme if Covid-19 restrictions allow for this.

  • NB: Lampwork sessions will not occur during Stage 3 or Stage 4 Covid-19 restrictions. Virtual sessions via Zoom will be offered at mutually convenient times to mentees and they will be able to participate in Skype planning and support sessions with the The Forest of Glass planning team – the Festival of Glass Installation Crew.

Thanks to our 2020 - 2021 Mentorship Sponsors

The 2020/21 Program in action

Roxy's 'mock up' design for a Forest of Glass installation panel

Gathering the green glass and getting ready to create sample leaves on copper wire.

Sample leaves for the Installation prepared by Glenda Mac Naughton

Jane working on leaf designs in the group journal for the Forest of Glass installation.