Super Adventure Pals

Come one, come all! Let's go and play the fantastic world of Super Adventure Pals! While you are enjoying a beautiful picnic with Giraffe and Mister Rock, Mr. B crashes your party and steals Mister Rock! You try and fight Mr. B, but it is in vain, he wins... this time. In a beautiful world with colorful graphics, you must travel to different levels within each world and pass them. Once you have passed all levels, you will be awarded a ruby, use this ruby to unlock the door and face Mr. B again. As you advance, remember to talk to each of the villagers and help them with their dilemmas, this will help you go further in the game. Choose between movement with the arrow keys or the AWSD keys. Then the opposite keys will be your ability keys. Super Adventure Pals is a game beloved by all who play! Embark on an adventure that will leave you and your heart happy. Now let's go and play Super Adventure Pals!