Get ready for BearBarians, a game that not only has a variety of animals but also shooting carnage. Team up as the animal species of your choice to try and destroy the enemy village that decimated yours. Play as either a Scout, Brute, Medic, or Mage each with different aspects that make them unique. Level up and unlock new pieces of armour and weapons to equip not only yourself but also your team because you have to ensure they are well prepared too. Move with your arrow keys and use A, S, and D to melee, shoot, and dodge. Defeat all of the other species standing in your way to get to the finale in different game modes such as Capture the Flag, TDM, the Last Man Standing, and many more. If you rather just play matches instead of a campaign choose Instant Action. Good luck in making your species rise to the top of the food chain in BearBarians!