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Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked

A game for everyone who is a fan of the popular game, Minecraft! The objective of this game is to protect your house from the monsters that come out at night! Make a path to get home and begin your planning. Chose where to place obstacles to make sure the bad guys don't get into your house and finish you off! Get gold by killing the Minecraft-styled enemies and use that gold to upgrade your defences, but be careful as your defences can break if they take too much damage. Use your gold wisely to make sure you can protect your house properly! As the waves go on, the enemies get tougher, and more enemies spawn per wave! Will you be able to survive the hordes of enemies coming out at night?

As this game is hacked, you start with 999,999 gold right away! Use this to keep those monsters away from you and your home!