Acid Bunny 2

In this dark comedy, Acid Bunny returns once again. This time we discover his backstory. His mother was an addict and gave birth to Acid Bunny and all of his siblings. However, due to her addictions, Acid Bunny suffers extreme acid flashbacks. While playing a friendly game of volleyball with his cohorts, Acid Bunny "accidentally" rips Panda Bear to pieces! To save his friend, you and Acid Bunny must travel through the different worlds (such as the Beach, the Jungle, the Docks, and more!) in order to find Panda Bear's body parts, along with sewing needles and lots of thread, to put him back together. Be sure to collect all the thread, but also keep a watchful eye out for seashells and carrots. These will help your endeavour. Good luck, now go save Panda Bear!