Boxhead 2 Player

Paint the world red with zombie blood in Boxhead 2 Player. Put your zed killing skills to use with one of four heroes (Bert, Bambo, Bon, or Bind) in several different modes. Slaughter lumbering zombies by yourself in singleplayer or with a friend in cooperative mode! Unlock many new weapons and upgrades! Lob grenades into the undead hordes and pepper zombies with lead from shotguns and Uzis. Tweak the game's settings for versatile gameplay options. Play on 18 different maps; place walls and traps to lure undead to their doom. Tired of working alongside your friends? Enjoy utterly destroying them in pvp deathmatch mode! If you're somehow bored of the intense action of Boxhead 2 Player, sample from a huge selection of other enthralling games here at 9Unblocked Games!