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Bloons Super Monkey Hacked

Take control of the super monkey from the deceptively simple yet highly entertaining tower defense games Bloons. Bloons Super Monkey takes a different approach from the usual Bloons game and instead is an ariel wave shooter! You must avoid the Bloons from touching the super monkey, unless you wish to fail, and pop the Bloons with the super monkeys darts as you fly through the sky in a top down perspective view! Check out the unique boosts which allow for easy popping of the Bloons, all while popping enough to earn upgrades for the super monkey allowing him to shoot missiles and even lasers, popping all the Bloons you possibly can!                                                                 

In this hacked version of Bloons Super Monkey, you have an infinite amount of pops which allow you to easily purchase the upgrades and melt, pop and even explode all the Bloons you can with the bonus of immunity to damage!