City Siege

The city has been overrun with baddies! Get your troops in there and take them out! In this action-shooter game you must complete each stage by eliminating all the baddies in the area and rescuing the captured civilians and VIPS. Be careful not to let any of the hostages die as you will lose your rewards at the end of the stage! As you progress through the game your opponents start to pack some serious heat, bringing tanks, helicopters and artillery to the table. Counter this by purchasing more units using the cash that you earn after completing a level. Select your best units for the job! Run’N’Gun with the commando, be stealthy with a spy or just blow everything up with a heavy tank! Collect stars scattered throughout the levels to upgrade the health on your units to prevent them from becoming K.I.A. Can you eliminate all the baddies and save the captives? Play more games on 9unblocked.