What You'll Find on This Site. This site provides free innovative learning materials and sheet music 
for playing the piano. It uses a colored graphic notation system (Windows for the Piano) 
that is more user-friendly for keyboard players than traditional notation. The notes are placed on diagrams of the keyboard  (key diagrams and maps) that show (visually) exactly which keys to play.

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For Teachers and Publishers - Although everyone is welcome, this site is designed primarily for educators and publishers who might be interested in creating a simpler and less stressful learning environment for students wanting to play a keyboard. Our instructional materials focus on learning to play songs, piano pieces and exercises of easy to moderate difficulty from keyboard diagrams and maps BEFORE introducing students to traditional notation.

In addition to our learning materials, there is a fairly large collection of more advanced materials notated on key maps - mainly classical pieces and collections - over a thousand pages. (We have also notated a number of contemporary pieces, but have not yet sought permission to publish them.)

One of our main objectives is to provide piano teachers with learning materials and sheet music that they can use to help their students learn to play in a shorter period of time and with a minimum of stress. You can view and download materials for a basic piano course (instructions, exercises and pieces) from this page: Basic Keyboard  Skills - Materials
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