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Hessle is a small town in East Yorkshire, four miles to the west of Kingston Upon Hull. The town is perhaps best known, to those outside the area, as the site of the Humber Bridge, but it has a long and interesting history, some of which is recorded on these web pages.

Aims of the Society:

Hessle Local History Society exists to promote and encourage the history and traditions of the town of Hessle, and the study of its history.

Meetings and Activities

Society meetings take place in Hessle Town Hall from March to November (see Society News).

New members are welcome.

Covid 19

All meetings cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the Covid 19 situation. It seems unlikely that the Society Meetings will resume again anytime soon. Bearing this in mind it has been decided that for those people who paid a subscription for 2020 will have that carried over into 2021.

During this period please follow Government Guidelines or keep home and safe.

Next meeting

Perhaps when we have all been vaccinated then we will be in a position to consider the viability of a meeting.

Details will be posted here when a meeting has been agreed to, and arranged.

EVE's Book on the History of All Saints'

Our Newletter Editor, Eve Johansson, has had a new book published on the History of All Saints' Church Hessle. This is the first history of the church published as a book. The book is very well researched and very readable. It also has an incredible appendix giving a great deal of further information about people involved with the church over the years.

The book is available from Hessle Bookshop:

Price is £8 (£3.25 for P&P if required) and the ISBN is 978-1-5262-0810-1.


The Society, in co-operation with Hessle Town Council is developing an archive room in the Town Hall, which will eventually be open to members and the general public (by appointment). We have a wide collection of archives and materials regarding the history of Hessle which need to be kept and preserved for future generation to enjoy and these will be placed in the room in the Town Hall.

Dr Martin Craven has kindly donated a collection of his archives which are currently being catalogued. Anyone wishing to donate items - such as photographs, documents, letters, books, leaflets, pamphlets etc should talk to a committee member.

Darren Howlett has also presented items from his father's collection including his treasured "STOWs" bottles, items from their combined work on World War I and World War 2 servicemen and many of his photographs. These, too will be placed in the archive as soon as it is possible to do so. Malcolm Strachan's daughter has also given some of his doculments and memorabilia to the archive.


The Society publishes a Newsletter which is available to non-members on subscription.

We hope to publish a new Newsletter in the near future

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For further information about the Society or the history of Hessle contact Michael Free at mgfree@gmail.com or 01482 564577.


East Yorkshire Local History Society - www.eylhs.org.uk

All Saints Church - www.allsaintshessle.karoo.net/

Hessle Town Council - www.hessletowncouncil.gov.uk

John Ellerthorpe - https://sites.google.com/site/johnellerthorpeheroofthehumber/home

Pease family/Hesslewood - https://sites.google.com/site/peasefamilyofhullandhesslewood/home

FCA Voysey, Architect - http://www.voyseysociety.org/

Barkworths/Tranby House - https://sites.google.com/site/tranbyhouse/tranby-house-and-the-barkworth-family

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