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Spice up your food

I love food!

Cooking, eating, reading about, and more recently, growing. This site is my 'notebook' on all things food. I hope that others may find the information within these pages useful and in return share their knowledge with me and other readers.

I like cooking old family favourites, dishes that I grew up eating, as well as trying out new recipes and experimenting, creating my own dishes, not always successfully. The recipes listed here are mainly family recipes. Most reflect my 'Fiji-Indian' roots, and you'll find recipes for home style Indian dishes made from ingredients readily available here in Australia.

I want to grow as much of my own food as possible and get the most I can out of my small backyard. I'm trying to learn about what's suited to the Adelaide climate, types of soil and soil health, companion planting, crop rotation, seeds vs seedlings, organic pest control, grafting (can I get two from one?), and much more.

So, let's Dig In!

Dig In's handle on Twitter and Pinterest is Dig_n_Cook