Quad-Copter III

About the Project

This semester, the Cabrillo Robotics club will be designing and building our quad copter, now in its third iteration. Our goal for this project is to introduce students to remote opertated, and autonomous, aerial vehicles.

Some examples of previous endeavors include: V-Tail and a "Hammer Head" H shaped design. To hone our design skills we engineered and produced parts using Creo 3D modeling software and the Cabrillo Engineering departments uPrint 3D printer to produce parts out of ABS plastic. Now we are sourcing prefabricated frame and electronic parts in order to focus on programming autonomous flight capabilities.


Project Sponsor

Support our Sponsor!

Multirotor Superstore is an online super store for all your quadcopter needs. They will be sponsoring Project V-Tail by providing us with a generous discount on parts.

Based in Aptos, CA, Michael Silviera's store has quickly become one of the leading sources for hobby R/C quadcopters. He has distinguished himself in the field through superb customer service, and top quality products, often found only at his store.

Multirotor Superstore has generously agreed to provide a club discount for all Cabrillo Robotics Club members. (See the club president for more details.)

And be sure to thank Mr. Silviera.