Why do we do it?

Our mission is to introduce robotics, and associated skills to Cabrillo College students, through hands on workshops. Robotics consists of design, fabrication, electronics, and programming. These 4 area of robotics are the main focus of the Robotics club:

Design: A thought experiment in robotics

  • How should the robot look?
  • How should it interact with the world?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of the robot?
    • Is it singular, or multipurpose?

Programming: Giving the robot 'intelligence'

  • How should the robot do what it is supposed to?
  • How does it 'see' the world?
  • What kind of intelligence?
    • Autonomous? Human control?

Electronics: Connecting mind and body

  • How will the robot get power?
  • What kind of sensors will it have?
  • How does the brain connect to the body?

Fabrication: "We can rebuild him."

  • How will the parts be made?
  • What will the robot be made of?
  • How will the components be mounted?