Spring Semester Begins

Post date: Jan 24, 2016 9:28:51 PM

Cabrillo Robotics Club looks forward to beginning a new semester of fun and adventure in the world of robotics. We have undertaken a journey into space with NASA and University of New Mexico by competing in the Swarmathon. This programing Challenge will have us writing C code to most efficiently scout for resources with three swarmbots in a virtual environment that simulates actual physical robots performing this task at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida. NASA has reached out to minority serving college institutions challenging us to develop fantastic search algorithms to be used in space when we travel out of near earth orbit to asteroids, Mars and other out-of-this-world destinations.

Also on the agenda for Spring is development of our quad-copter and investigations into the design of autonomous flight. We will be holding weekly meetings and workshops to accomplish these endeavors as well as participating in Cabrillo College Campus events to do service and volunteer work at events that benefit students and the community.

Please read the calender of events and check out the links to NASA Swarmathon webpages tofind out more information about club happenings coming up this Spring.

Hope you all have a successfull launch this semster!