ROS indigo installation and tutorial or Virtual Machine setup

Programming for the NASA Swarmathon competition will be done with ROS Indigo software

on the Ubuntu platform.

You can install it on your computer or use the application through a Virtual Machine installed

on your computer which accesses Cabrillo's server.

Either way the journey begins by downloading software.

To put ROS Indigo on your computer go to:


read and install

Begin exploring ROS basics with the tutorial:

If you are using a school computer in the CIS install X2Go on your user drive under D:

so you can use it anytime this semester without reinstalling every time

To use Cabrillo's server running X2Go and ROS Indigo through a Virtual Machine

on your computer (or one in the STEM center) with MS Windows install X2Go Client:

Download X2Go for MS Windows


save and install

Once X2Go is installed, open it and pick:

Robot Server, click anywhere on the bubble with the seal pup and enter in the prompts:


Login: UN


session type: XFCE

Now set-up the X2Go terminal:

App Menu



From terminal enter: ros

hit tab twice

Begin exploring ROS basics with the tutorial: