This semester, Cabrillo STEM students will be running an after school program at New Brighton Middle School. Forty students will make up eight teams. These, 6th, 7th and 8th graders will design, build, test and pilot submersible ROVs.

The project begins on Friday March 7th and will go through Friday June 6th.

We meet each Friday, except during spring break.

Dan Krammer and Aaron Heagerty will be meeting at 12:30 at Cabrillo outside of room 810 to coordinate carpools or rides for those of you who don't drive. We will be meeting every Friday from 1pm-3pm at New Brighton Middle School at the front office where we are required to sign in as volunteers.

This semester we will be doing an 8 week (8 Fridays) intensive on designing and building marine remote operated vehicles. I can't stress enough that you are not required to go to all of the Fridays.

If you can only come to 2 or 3, or you have to miss one week because of finals that is absolutely fine. This project is designed to be stress free and a lot of fun, we encourage everyone to get into it!

You will not be responsible for the planning, or curriculum, so nobody should feel stressed out about preparing anything prior to showing up and working with the kids. It would be to everyone's advantage to meet up early and discuss the current weeks plan.

The rough semester schedule at this point looks like this....(keep in mind we will adapt anything to meet current demand)

weeks 1-5 -- design and fabrication

weeks 6-8 -- test, redesign, final test ( we will be testing in a pool!)

please email Dan or Aaron if you have any questions.

(Or find us in STEM / MESA)

We anticipate a lively and fun semester and look forward to working with all of you again, and working with some of you for the first time!