Wyoming Libraries

Many organizations and businesses in Wyoming have been finding creative ways to reach their patrons, and including libraries! Without always being able to open their doors and allow readers to browse the shelves in-person, libraries have been discovering new ways to engage their fanbase.

with Rachel Crocker, Library Director

Interviewed by Sara Davis

"March 16 we totally closed our doors and we were closed through the end of May. And I don't think the library, maybe ever in its history had been just closed for for that long. So that was a big adjustment...We did open in early June, but we totally changed our services."


with Kathi Wilhelm, Young Adult Services and Adult Services Librarian

Interviewed by Rachel Gattermeyer

"One of our librarians came up with spice kits, which are just essentially recipes with spices and pantry ingredients but they've been insanely popular. We went through 50 and the first weekend."