Information for Hosts

Dear Colleague,  

We would like to invite you to participate in the Family Medicine 360º program, a global exchange program, with educational intent, designed for young and future General Practitioners/Family Doctors. This program is supported by WONCA and works thanks to the collaboration of the seven WONCA Young Doctors’ Movements. 

Your visitor will be a General Practice/Family Medicine trainee or in the first five years of family medicine practice. As a host, you will be able to participate in an experience that allows you to exchange knowledge between peers on a multicultural level. This interaction promotes global collaboration, learning and actively contributes to the professional and personal development of primary care physicians.

The visitor’s activities will be strictly observational. There is no expectation for you to pay for the visitor’s activities.  

The program usually runs between one and four weeks and you will have full management of your availability, prior to the exchange. 

The Family Medicine 360º exchange is organized according to an educational program so, we would please ask you to:     
  • Prepare an educational program that fits  the visitor’s learning objectives.
  • Tutor the visitor during the exchange.  
  • Assess the visitor after the exchange.
We hope that you will be motivated to participate in this project! 

Please register as a host here.

Thank you very much for collaborating!