The FM360º exchange is structured in two parts: 
  • Part A: Pre-Exchange 
  • Part B: Post-Exchange 
To apply as a visitor, please submit your application around six months before the proposed exchange date.

1)     Preparing for the Exchange (Part A):

a.   Choose an available placement (if it’s not listed, please contact your region’s FM360º Exchange Coordinator).

b.  Download the EXCHANGE TEMPLATE. If your exchange is between two Spanish-speaking countries, please follow this link.

c.    The visitor fills in the Visitor Sheet and sends the Exchange Template with the CV to the Regional FM360º Exchange Coordinator responsible for his/her country.

d.  The host discusses the proposed Educational Program with the visitor. When reaching an agreement, both host and the visitor sign the Pre-Exchange Declaration.

e.     The Visitor sends an email to both the Visitor’s and the Host’s Regional FM360º Exchange Coordinators, with the following attachments:

·         The Exchange Template with:

              the completed Visitor Sheet;

              the completed Educational Program;

              Both the “Pre-Exchange Declaration” and the “Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement” should be signed.

·         Evidence of travel insurance that should cover the exchange period. The document needs to include the name of the participant.


2)     After the Exchange (Part B):

a.     The visitor writes a Report on his/her experience.

c.     Host fills in the Visitor Assessment Sheet.

d.    The Visitor sends the Exchange Template to the Visitor’s and the Host’s Regional FM360º Exchange Coordinator.


3)     The Certificate is issued.