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  • Emerald Medical Group (web)
City/Town: Emerald/Queensland
Address:  1 Pilot Farm Road Emerald Queensland
Working hours of the practice: 8am - 8pm Mon - Fri 9 - 1 Sat/Sun
Practice activities: Rural General practice with about 8 Full time equivalent GPs. Offers GP consulting, Family Medicine, Skin Cancer Medicine. Primary Care Obstetrics, Occupation Medicine. Practice is close to airport and has visiting Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatric and Plastic Surgery services.
 Practice hosts Rural generalist Trainees who are attached to the Emerald Hospital and provide Anaesthetic, Obstetric and Emergency Services.
Host(s): Dr. Ewen McPhee
Availability: All applications for 2017 are booked.
Max. exchange length: It's very variable. I would prefer every application to be discussed individually.
Free accommodation: Yes.

  • Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic (web)
City/Town: Kangaroo Island
Address:  64 Murray Street, KIngscote, Kangaroo Island, South Australia 5223 Australia
Working hours of the practice: 9-5 clinic, 24/7 emergency/anaes/obstetrics for our small 14 bed local hospital catering to 4500 residents and 200,000 tourist visitors.
Practice activities: 5 primary care to 4500 residents of Kangaroo Island.
 Specialist visiting services inc cardiology, geriatrics, ENT, orthopaedic, gynae, urology.
 Local GPs (both FRACGP and FACRRM trained) look after whole gamut of primary care and also provide all emergency oncall services to local hospital (trauma, initial resus of critically ill, sutures, fracture management, acute coronary syndrome, COPD etc) as well as 24/7 anaesthesia (epidural, spinal, regional, GA) and obstetric (24/7 NVD, instrumental and LSCS capable) services.
Host(s): Dr. Tim Leeuwenburg 
Availability: Currently not accepting visitors.
Max. exchange length: 2 weeks.
Free accommodation: No.