On June 27, 2013, at the 20th WONCA World Conference in Prague, the first meeting about a potential international exchange program for young GPs and family doctors was held. 
The meeting was organized after an open invitation to all WONCA Regions, the objective being to explore the possibility of establishing an exchange program, with educational content, at a global level.
Thanks to the collaboration of WONCA's Young Doctors' Movements from all over the world, the program has as its goal to actively contribute to the professional and personal development of young doctors in primary care. Thanks to these intercultural exchanges, doctors are provided with the opportunity to learn from each other and this interaction is enriched by the different cultural and socio-economic contexts. Also, by interacting with different primary care settings and health care systems in general, both young doctors and hosts are exposed to new ideas that can trigger changes in their own practice and so, ultimately, lead to the improvement of primary care.
So, the Family Medicine 360º program has been born.