The Family Medicine 360° Program is based on objectives, planned by the visitor and agreed by the host, in order to justify the quality of the exchange.
The FM360º exchange program can run between one and four weeks (needs to be adapted to the visitor's or host's availability).
During these four weeks, the visitor is expected to shadow the activities that take place at the host practice and to accompany the host in other community-oriented activities.
All activity should be observational.
For legal reasons, under NO circumstances should the visitor engage in any clinical or administrative work.
To provide structure to the exchange, the visitor is expected to follow some steps that he/she has to complete.
FM360º exclusively serves as a means of matching visitors with hosts and it doesn't include any type of insurance. Neither WONCA nor the Young Doctors' Movements involved assume any risks, liability or costs associated with the exchange. Visitors must obtain their own travel insurance and sign a legal waiver to take part in the program.
The exchange program is financially self-supported by participants, who are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. However, hosts are very welcome to assist participants in providing options for accommodation.

Questions regarding visas or traveling should be asked at the country's embassy.