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  • Kaita Hospital (web)
City/Town: Iizuka City, Fukuoka Pref.
Address:  1061 Kuchinoharu, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Pref. 820-1114
Working hours of the practice: 8−10 hours
Practice activities: Observation of these practice and clinical education: home visit, outpatient clinic, inpatient word , well baby checkup at community center, health-promotional lecture for the local community.
 Participation in seminar or annual conference (if matches your visit). Exchange events with Family Medicine trainees and trainers: special presentation to explain each background of healthcare and educational system, party, tour.
Host(s): Dr. Shin Yoshida
Availability: Within 3 months before the arrival.
 Our normal visiting length is less than 2 weeks. If you want more, please let us know beforehand.
Max. exchange length: 2 weeks.
Free accommodation: Yes.

  • Toyama University Hospital Department of General Medicine (web)
City/Town: Toyama
Address:  2630 Sugitani Toyama-city
Working hours of the practice: 9:00 −17:00
Practice activities: Outpatient care, Inpatient care, House call, so on.
Host(s): Dr. Naoko Kobayashi, Dr. Taro Miura, Dr. Fumiko Watanabe, Prof. Dr. Seiji Yamashiro
Availability: Depends on time and situation.
Max. exchange length: 2 weeks.
Free accommodation: Yes.