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  • Homework for Friday, June 22nd
    Lire les textes et répondre aux questions

      Text 1

    ·         Who: 

    ·         What is his job?

    ·         Where does he work? 

    ·         Why did he want to become and astronaut? 

    ·         What has he already done on the ISS?

    ·         What problems has he had?

    Text 2

    ·         What is the theme of the document?

    ·         How much does it cost? 

    ·         How many people have been to space?

    ·         How many of those went on a “space vacation?” – 

    ·         Who has gone twice on a “space vacation?” 

    ·         What does he find the most interesting / impressive thing about being on the space station? 

     Text 3

    ·         Who is the girl?

    ·         What is she interested in? 

    ·         What is the Journey to Mars program? 

    ·         Does she believe it’s possible? Justify your answer with a quotation. 


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  • Homework for Tuesday, June 19th

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  • Homework for Friday, May 25th

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  • Homework for Tuesday, May 15th
    Questions :
    --> What happens in the film?

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  • Homework for Monday March 22nd

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