2011-2017 Reebok Edge "Word Mark" Years

2011 - 2012

For 2011-2012 season there were two changes from the 2010-2011 home and away jerseys. First the 10th Anniversary patch was removed and Reebok "Vector" logo was replaced with the Reebok "Word Mark" for all jerseys.

For the 3rd jersey it now had the Reebok "Word Mark" and no longer had the JHM on the back collar, but due to jersey shortages 3 different versions were worn . For version one some players had their 2010-2011 jerseys recycled and had the "Vector" logo covered over with a "Word Mark" patch but the JHM remained. These Jerseys also had a 2010-2011 Set tag. Version two were jerseys left over form the previous year but were made for this year. These jerseys just like version 1 had the JHM "Word Mark" and the "Vector" covered over with a Reebok "Word Mark" patch, but had a 2011-2012 set tag. The third version were new "Word Mark" jerseys with no JHM "Word Mark" Also note that the "C" worn by Rick Nash for this season had two different versions, see photos below. One was a single layer like in 2010-2011 but the other was a bolder double layered "C" like the numbers found on the jersey.

Version One and Two:

Version One Worn By: Mason 1 jersey 3/3, Joudrey 29, Kubalik 33, Hunwick 31, York 41, and Boyce 43 Version Two Worn By Savard 58 and Tyutin 51

Version Three:

Worn By: Mason 1 1/3 & 2/3, Methot 3, Moore 4, A. Johnson 5, Kikitin 6 (no set tag), J. Johnson 7 (no set tag), Carter 7,Gilles 9, Russell 10, Atkinson 13, Clitsome 14, Dorsett 15, Brassard 16, Letestu 17 (no set tag), Umberger 18 W/A, Johansen 19, Wizniewski 21 W/A, Prospal 22 W/A, Lebda 23, MacKenzie 24, Russell 25, Pahlsson 26, Giroux 28, Sanford 30, Boll 40, Vermette 50 and Nash 61 1/2 & 2/2 W/C 1/2 W/silver trim C

2012 - 2013

For the 2012-2013 season there were no changes to the jerseys from the previous year. For the home opener on 1/21/2013 all players worn a set of jerseys with a special Opening Night set tags. These jerseys were giving away after the game. Note the lack of a set number on this seasons set tags.

2013 - 2014

For 2013-2014 there were no changes from the previous year. Again for 2013-2014 there were no set numbers on the set tags. There were 3 sets of home and away jerseys for this season. It is unknown how many sets of third jerseys may have been worn. Many of the early season jerseys were recycled jerseys that were worn at the end of 2012-2013. These jerseys have a 2013-2014 set tag sewn over a 2012-2013 set tag.

Photo of the set tag needed

2014 - 2015

For the 2014-2015 season there are a few changes from the previous year. The home and road jerseys have the 2015 All Star Game patch on the right shoulder. Also new for this season is the addition of MeiGray Group as the reseller of the Blue Jackets Game Worn jerseys. Each jersey will have a MeiGray tag and a team set tag. For all three sets the set number is noted on the size tag (I,II and III for the home and away jerseys and I and II for the 3rd jerseys). There are also some recycled jerseys have the new set tag sewn over the old tag. Finally MeiGray released a number of Game Issued jersey. Most of these jerseys have "Game Issued Not Worn" stamped on the fight strap.

MeiGray 2014-2015 Population Report

Scott Hartnell's 1000th NHL Game Jersey

For Scott Hartnell's 1000th Game he wore 4 jerseys. Three of the jerseys he kept and the fourth jersey was retained by the team and sold by MeiGray. The jersey sold by MeiGray featured a special tag commemorating this career millstone sewn on the hem of the jersey between the team set tag and MeiGray tag. It is unclear if this tag was added before or after the game and it is also unknown if the other 3 jerseys received the same tag.

Jersey Off Our Back 2015

On 4/10/15 verses Buffalo the Jackets did their annual Jersey Off Out Back give away. Unlike previous years the jerseys given away were only worn for this game and were not from the regular season set. Each jersey had a set tag, MeiGray tag and no markings on the size tags.

2015 - 2016

For the 2015-2016 season the first major change to the Blue Jackets Jersey since 2007 was unveiled during the 2015 NHL Draft Party at Nationwide Arena and NHL Draft in Florida. A new secondary logo and shoulder patch based off of the current third jersey logo replaced the cap logo that has been used in some form on the teams home and away jerseys since 2003. The third jersey will be unchanged and just like the previous year MeiGray will handle the sell of all jerseys. One other minor change will come for the home and away jerseys in the form of a newer thinner printed NHL shield on the collar (Click Here ) and the set number is only written on the size tag for some of the jerseys.


For the 2016-17 season the games played in the 2016 calendar year there were no changes to the Blue Jackets jerseys, but starting with the first game of the 2017 calendar year (1/3/17) all jerseys had the addition of the NHL Centennial patch on the right arm just below the numbers and remained for the rest of the season and playoffs. The home and away set one jerseys did not have the Centennial patch applied, but the set one 3rds did have the Centennial patched applied mid season as they were worn into 2017. The set two home, away and 3rds all had the Centennial patch along with the home and away playoff worn set three jerseys. Once again for this season there is no set number on the set tag, but the set number was hand written on the size tag of most jerseys. The home, set one road and 3rd jerseys had the number written on the tag and the Set two and three away jerseys had dots written on the tag.

For the 2016-2017 season there was a shortage of jerseys with the new shoulder patch and shield. To fill this shortage some of the older jerseys with the cap shoulder patch had the patch stripped off and replaced with the new cannon patch. This resulted in some jerseys from 2016-2017 having the older embroidered shield and evidence of the larger cap patch being removed. These jerseys were found thru out the different sets used for the season.