2000-2004 CCM/KOHO Years

2000-2001 Inaugural Season

For the Inaugural Season of the Blue Jackets the brand changed from Pro Player to CCM for the white jerseys and Koho for the blue Jerseys. The design itself did not change other then the addition of the Inaugural Season patch worn on the right lower shoulder during the regular season. The Number font used on these jerseys is unique to this year only. Per the Jackets equipment manager Tim Leroy "It is because we used a different company to do the lettering and numbers on the jerseys the first year. The company we use now started doing our lettering and numbers the 2nd year." The back number font is a shorter (11 1/2" tall) and fatter then what has been used from the 01-02 season to present. Also the numbers were reverse kiss cut for this year only and layered after that . The arm numbers are 4" for all years, but for this season they were reverse kiss cut and used a different font just like the back numbers. The letter size is also different for this year only. For this season the letters were 3 1/4" tall. Also some of the letters shapes are different. Another unique items for this season was the A's and C's. The letters were attached by Velcro and were 3.75" Tall, 1.75" wide. Please see the letter and number charts Click Here for photos of the numbers, letters and captain letters. During the preseason games the "A"s worn were a single layer A sewn onto a large patch. The set tags also had an unique placement for this season. For the blue jerseys the stamp is located in the elbow and for the white jerseys it is located behind the front crest. There were also two set tags used for the set one jerseys, some of the tags included the NHL Shield and some didn't.

Preseason "A" With No Patch

Regular Season velcro "A"

Regular Season "A"

Regular Season "C"

Preseason With No Patch

2001-2002 Preseason

For at least one preseason game the team wore a recycled set of Inaugural Season jerseys in Buffalo on 9/22/01. It is unknown why and it is also unknown if they were worn any in other games. The photo example below was worn by Mike Sillinger who was not on the Inaugural Season roster, but was with the team for the 2001-2002 preseason.

2001-2002 and 2002-2003

The 2001-2002 season did not have any design changes, but the Inaugural Season Patch was removed and the number font was changed to what is presently used. Also the Captain Letters became larger 4.25" by 2.00" and were sewn on. They stayed this size until the introduction of the Edge jersey. Please see the letter and number charts Click Here for photos of the numbers, letters and captain letters. Lastly the set tag moved to a more normal position on the back hem of the jersey.


2003-2004 saw the first major change to the Blue Jackets jersey and the introduction of the Jackets first 3rd jersey. For all preseason games and the first two regular season games (10/9/03 at Atlanta and 10/11/03 at home verses the New York Rangers) the jerseys were the same as the previous year and had the Stinger shoulder patches and Set 1 tags on their hem. For the third game of the year on 10/13/03 at home verses Vancouver a new 3rd jersey was unveiled and worn. The home and away jerseys stay the same other than the shoulder patches. The Stinger patches that had been used in previous years and the start of the 2003-2004 season were replaced with the new 3rd jersey logo on the right shoulder and the Union Cap logo on the the left shoulder.