2007-2011 Reebok Edge "Vector" Years


At the 2007 NHL Draft hosted by the Blue Jackets at The Nationwide Arena on 6/22/07 the Blue Jackets unveiled their new redesigned home and away jerseys. For the first time ever the material and cut of the Blue Jackets jerseys was changed. This new material and cut was known as the RBK Edge 1.0. The letter and numbers stayed the same, but the Captain Letters became a 1/4" smaller. Please see the letter and number charts Click Here for photos of the number, letter and Captain letters. The set tags for this year were located in the collar and were each given their own serial number.

On 2/23/08 in Montreal on Bob Gainey Night the Blue Jackets and Canadiens honored Hall of Famer Bob Gainey by wearing jerseys with his number 23 on them during the pre game warm up and during Gainey's number retirement ceremony. Each jersey had a set tag sewn into the collar and they were also signed on the numbers by the player and Gainey. The jerseys were auctioned off on NHL.com after the game.


For 2008-2009 there were three changes from the previous year. The one major change was the addition of the JHM patch on the right lower shoulder. This patch honored the life of the Founder of the Blue Jackets John H. McConnell who had passed away during the off season on 4/25/08. This patch was worn all year including the playoffs. The other changes included the moving of the set tag back to the hem where it is still located today and the use of the new Edge 2.0 material by some players.


For 2009-2010 the only change to the jerseys was the removal of the JHM patch and the almost 100% switch to the Edge 2.0 material.


For 2010-2011 there were no changes to the home and away jerseys other than the use of two different patches and set tags. For three games played in Sweden (exhibition game verses Malmo Red Hawks on 10/5/10 wearing the white jerseys, a home game verses the Sharks on 10/8/10 and an away game verses the Sharks on 10/9/10) the Jackets wore a NHL Premiere patch on the lower right shoulder.


For all games after the games held in Sweden the home and away jerseys featured a patch celebrating the Blue Jackets 10th Anniversary on the lower right shoulder.

This season also saw the return of the 3rd jersey for the Blue Jackets. On 11/24/10 in front of a crowd at the Tuttle Mall and live on FSN Ohio the jersey was unveiled to the public for the first time. The neckline featured three special elements. These features included the Blue Jackets founder John H. McConnell's initials JHM adorning the back of the neckline. The JHM edition of the jersey was only to be worn by the team during the 2010-2011 season. The phrase "We Fight, We March!" also appears on the interior of the jersey's collar and below that 10 stars commemorating the introduction of the jersey in the club's 10th season can also be found.