Off-Road Racing

We have two race tracks - a banked oval track and a road track complete with jumps. Competitions are managed with an electronic, computer - controlled timing system.

Racing is 1/10th scale off-track truck competition. We compete in four skill classes - Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. Vehicle requirements are outlined in the document below.

Photo October 2022

Additionally we race an Open class where everyone can compete using vehicles that don't meet the usual requirements. We also run a 4WD only race on Thursday mornings.

We have two racing seasons - Winter and Summer, with awards presented each season for each class.

Members are provided with codes to open the gates to the facility, allowing for virtually unlimited access for practice.

The competition is keen. The camaraderie is great!

The following information is going out to all Robson Ranch RC Club Racers with hopes of making your Oval Track SAFER.

Changes for a Safer Oval Track for Spotters

The information below will start on January 4, 2022.

All changes below are to make the race day not only FUN but SAFE FOR ALL racers & spotters that race with the Robson Ranch RC Club.

NOTE: Information below is for the OVAL TRACK ONLY.

A) There will now be a "Rover Spotter" on the outside of the north and south end of the banked sections of the track.

These Roving Spotters will retrieve off track trucks or trucks hooked on the outside wall.

These spotters WILL NOT be getting onto the track.

B) Drivers that race from the north or south end of the track will be asked to move back closer to the fence. This will give the "Roving Spotter" additional room to retrieve wayward trucks and stay out of the racers line of sight.

C) There will now only be one spotter on the back stretch.

This spotter will be responsible for retrieving off track trucks and ones hooked on the wall,

This spotter WILL NOT come onto the track anymore.

D) There will now be only one spotter on the front stretch.

NOTE: The two spotters that were on the front stretch are now "Roving Spotters" on the north and south ends of the track.

E) Spotters on stools will stay at those locations.

2022/2023 Winter Racing Info and Changes:

Racing begins on Tuesday, November 1st on the Oval

Racing season ends on Thursday, March 23

Racing and practice will begin at 9 AM. Please be signed in by 8:45 if possible. Will considering moving to 9:30 as weather cools if members desire.

There will be no racing the week of Christmas, December 25

There will be no racing on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 24, we will make up those races on Friday, Nov. 25.

We will alternate racing on the Oval and Road Course in two-week intervals as in the past, starting on the Oval.

There will be a total of 20 races with the 16 highest scores making up the total individual points.

Divisional Racing (Masters, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice) cars must meet the new Divisional Equipment Specs.

Open Racing will be restricted to 2-WD trucks meeting the Open Equipment Specs.

4-WD Racing trucks must meet the new 4-WD Equipment Specs.

Tuesday point racing will be 5-minute heat point races for all Divisions, 4-WD and Open, in that order. Line-ups will be based on prior week’s Main finishing order.

Thursday racing will be main point races for all Divisions, 4-WD and Open, in that order. Line-ups will be based on Tuesday’s heat race finishing order.

Oval races will be a group, heads-up start as in the past. Road course races will utilize the staggered start system that was used successfully during the past summer series.

Saturday mornings will be practice sessions with electronic timing. Frequency will be based on participation.


1st - Dave Paradis
2nd - Tony Ugalde
3rd - Jane Minish (not pictured)


1st - Bob Kehoe
2nd - Dave Renauld
3rd - Richard King


1st - Pete Cooper
2nd - Bill CHristofferson
3rd - Ken Haines


1st - John Wray (not pictured)
2nd - Darrin Ziegler
3rd - Dave Handlen

4 Wheel Drive

1st - Pete Cooper
2nd - Bill Christofferson
3rd - Dave Handlen


1st - John Wray
2nd - Darrin Ziegler
3rd - Bill Christofferson

Summer 2022 Racing Season Champions

Winter 2022 Final Results - using top 16 Race-Day scores.

Congrats to the 18 winners - 3 in each of 6 classes.

Track Records.pdf

Track Records - Fastest Laps

Fastest Lap Times for each track - recorded by class and overall. Includes 4-Wheel Drive. Updated 12/22/2022. Records started over for Winter 2019/2020 season due to significant changes in the tracks. Previous records available on Documents page.

Shows best 5 in each class, plus ties.

Lap Count Records.pdf

Track Records - Most laps in a race.

Most laps completed in a race for each track. Recorded by class and overall.

Records started for Winter season 2022-2023

Shows only the best race by lap count and time.

Updated 12/22/2022

Race Info 2022.pdf

All you need to know to get started.

This PDF file describes the basics of RC off-track racing at Robson Ranch. Update Oct 2022. Included are Equipment Specifications for the race trucks.

How Points are Assigned.pdf

How points are determined for each race, race day cumulative points, and season standings. Updated Oct 2022

Tips For Spotters.pdf

Spotters are the Guardian Angels of RC drivers.

This PDF document outlines tips and safety practices for spotters.

Club Parts Flyer.pdf

Purchasing information about RC racing equipment for use in our racing program. Note - prices subject to change.


Hobby Action has developed a special Traxxas Slash 2wD truck based on our RC Club specs. Prices current as of April 2022 but subject to change.


LiPo battery safety - avoid this disaster experienced by one of our members by properly charging and maintaining your LiPo batteries.

LiPo batteries can be dangerous - they can start fires, or explode while charging or even while stored.

Check out 2 videos and one Document about safety.


Lithium Polymer Charging/Discharging & Safety Information from

Battery Basics from The

LiPo Battery Basics - Safety First from the Academy of Model Aeronautics

10 RC LiP0 tips from A Main Hobbies.