We have two runways, shaded work tables, and safety fencing to make flying as enjoyable as possible.

We are happy to assist anyone in learning to fly RC planes. Instructors and training planes are available to pilot wanabees. We use two transmitters that are connected wirelessly so that the trainer can take control of the plane if the student gets into trouble. We will make recommendations to those interested in buying their own planes.

Saturday mornings often find us honing our aerial combat (dog fights), glider competition and landing-closest-to-target skills and more!

During the Winter season, we are planning on some fun flying events for both novice and experienced pilots. These Fun Fly Days will be on the second Saturday of the month starting at 10 AM.

Drone view of Pilot stations and work area - October 2022

Pilots' Area October 2022

Airfield October 2022

January Fun Fly 2023.pdf

March 29, 2022 - Note from Flight Director

A quick reminder that AMA membership is now required to fly at our airfield effective April 15th. We are adding your AMA info to the main club membership roster. I have found that I can verify your membership on the AMA website with your membership and last name. If not done so yet, please email me your membership number.

A good thing to do is obtain an FAA registration for your aircraft. Simply go to the FAA website and register under the "I fly under The Exception for Recreational Flyers" tab. The cost is $5 and one registration covers all your planes. The FAA considers all UAS craft drones.

The link is: FAADroneZone

It will soon be required to pass the safety test as well. You can do so through the AMA website. They have a short training bit with the questions mixed. Should take you 20 minutes or so to complete. Hey, I got 100% right, can't be that hard! The link is:


General Safety Notes

Our airfield has been over flown by full scale planes. Remember, they have the right of way. Even if they are in the wrong, they still have the right of way. You must get your plane down if you see them in our airspace. I have added a white X at the end of each runway to signify that these are closed runways. Even so, you must yield the right of way to full scale aircraft.

We will be adding a couple of fire extinguishers,a metal bucket, and some trash bags at the field to use in crashes. Crashes can cause battery or motor fires and sometimes you just need to bag up a plane.

Comments or suggestions, please let me know.


Henry Morgan, Flying Director

Cell: 503-860-1211

AMA# 1208284


The Flying wing of the RC Club has been involved with Eloy Schools for years - developing an education aviation program into what is now a squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

Some Days it Just Doesn't Pay to Get Up in the Morning! Fortunately no one was hurt in this fire that started after the plane landed on Sep 3, 2019.

The RC Club Flyers have been involved in the development of an aviation project for Eloy schools. Started as an educational program, our project has morphed into a Civil Air Patrol chapter.


Explanation of SAFE technology used to provide GPS and auto-control of small aircraft - can return and auto-land your plane if you lose it or get into trouble.


Document lists 5 recommended entry-level airplanes, with pricing and links to web site.

For safety reasons we have a NO FLY ZONE near at the RC Park. This drone view highlights the area where people congregate for flying and racing.

No Fly Zone.pdf