2023 Board Members are:

President - Dave Handlen 817-320-4966

Vice-President - Don Klose 303-880-1398

Treasurer - Dave Paradis 360-607-9966

Secretary - Dave Moore 425-577-4642

Member at Large - Henry Morgan 503-860-1211

Member at Large - Ed Brumfield 503-314-2714

e-mail: - for general correspondence,

and for correspondence concerning the website.

- note that our Google web site does not yet support the capability to click on an email address to automatically create an email and send it. You will need to use your regular email program. Or, you can use the form at the bottom of this page to communicate with the Club officers or Webmaster.

Committees, known as "teams" which have specific responsibilities with the club, and report to the Board:

  • RC Racing Program Team - Don Klose - Winter Race Director / Darrin Ziegler - Summer Race Director

  • RC Facility Management Team - Ken Fosnight, team leader

  • RC Flying Activities Team - Henry Morgan, Flight Director

  • Technology Team - Dave Doughty -team leader, Webmaster

  • Communications / Promotions Team - Bob Kehoe, team leader

RC Webmaster Form

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