A journey like no other

Madeleine Heal

And so, it began, a journey like no other,

No hero of the story, just a crisis undercover.

Like most misery, it started with evident jubilation,

Do not take it personally, like all, I strike with eternal sedation.

Submerged in a sea of slumber, nobody has seen anything yet,

Remember my journey like no other, the one you all wish to forget.

A disease for mankind; a cure for Mother Earth,

The payment is a handful of souls for the price of a new rebirth.

Spreading like wildfire, igniting on each nation,

I know by now you’re waiting for a glimpse of cessation.

You seem to have lost your hope, lost your way, lost normality

But let me tell you the one to blame is only humanity.

Hidden memories dance in your head,

The ones of you and your friends that were left for dead.

Laughing till your ribs hurt without a care to be seen,

You shout at me, screaming why I’m so mean.

Taken things for granted and wishing for the time,

Knowing my death is after a monotonous mountain climb.

So call me the beast, the demon, the hunter,

Get in my way and I strike just like silent thunder.

Lurking like serpents, sly like a fox,stealing time, stealing sense, stealing the hands from the clock.

How you live by time and brought up to respect time’s tyranny,

It’s like you’ve forgotten how to live, how to cope undeniably.

Trapped like rats, praying for an escape,

Forced to face the unpredictable; thoughts going ape.

Stuck indoors, weeks start to repeat,

Like a bird out of song, like a rhythm losing its beat.

How long will this last?

How long till all this is done?

When will it end or has this only just begun?

But your words of love and gratefulness have never been so strong,

Streaming out your mouths where they always did belong.

Friendships rekindled from the force of verbal flares,

Creating divinely mighty flames and sewing up life’s tears.

Forgive me for saying this but a little praise will do no harm,

Well I know I’m not the prettiest of sights and yes, I lack the charm.

After a long tedious day and dreading another tomorrow,

I see you switch on that old radio hoping it will fight off all your sorrows.

The radio station plays that one song you absolutely adore,

Now you’re slow dancing in the living room like you did once before.

Waiting for what the next song could be, you wish this moment could last,

They’ve been bathed in your memory and stained with the past.

And so, my journey like no other maybe coming to an end,

No hero of the story, just a crisis on the mend.

They will say I was just an unwanted surprise,

Or maybe I was a blessing in disguise.You think I’m sorry for the pain, but

Know I have no regret,

Remember my journey like no other, the one you will never forget.