Lockdown life

Emilia Munro

A little bit of darkness, refines the senses, focuses the mind, it's time to enjoy the big scree--- wait hold up I think I really am getting confused with the Vue cinema introduction.

I, like many other teenagers my age are probably no stranger to staying up late. But why make it only a few late nights, when you can make every night a late night? Just like the deep voiced man at Vue says, it refines the senses and focuses the mind, doesn’t it? No, it absolutely doesn’t.

Lockdown allowed me to indulge into some rebellious activities. Although I can assure you that staying up till 3am is about as rebellious as it gets. Well if phase one of my lockdown was due to a new rebellious side, I can only assume that my second phase was due to missing my simpler, childhood days. Is this what I'm supposed to call nostalgia? Oh god I'm surely too young to be using that word.


There is no need to explain what it is. You know what it is. You parents know what it is. Hell, even your Nan probably knows what it is. Phase two of my quarantine was lived out in a world full of blocks and the strong urge to farm potatoes or dig a hole. Fascinating. Before anybody can laugh at me, or do that thing where you blow a tiny puff air out your nose to indicate laughter. Please login to your old Minecraft accounts, start a fresh world and play for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour. Once you have remembered the joys of minecraft, please send me your username and I will gladly invite you into my game.

Phase three is not even a phase. I am well aware teachers will be reading this beautiful piece of, well, something. So I am officially pronouncing phase three of my quarantine as the time of learning. As much as I would love to write a long, in depth report on my experiences with online learning I am ever so sadly going to refrain from doing so. I will however ask you, beg you even, to please please please tell me if my camera and mic is ever left on. Many thanks, Emilia.

In phase four, I had the rare experience of being able to work during lockdown. Working in a care home packed with the elderly during a pandemic is more than enough to make you a tad paranoid. I for one was not aware of the drying properties of hand sanitizer, or the fact a few hours in a mask will result in sore ears. A day in a mask will give you a headache marked 7.5 on the pain scale. I am glad to say that everyone has remained safe and healthy, and no, I definity did not bribe the residents with biscuits to stay in their rooms.

During Lockdown the man from the Vue cinema occupied himself by doing the VO for the Coronavirus advert. I however, did not have the most extravagant lockdown experience, but who am I to compete with the man from the Vue cinema?