Lucid orange sunrise

Lydia Gilroy

As the lucid orange sunrise was nonchalantly snuffed out by the darkening blanket of the night, the bustling wildlife of the surrounding green lands came out to thrive. The shadow of the inevitable darkness was hiding those from the synthetic metropolis they innately knew to stay away from. They had evolved from their primitive lives, learning to thrive in their naturally dimmed surroundings; the only light available being the gleaming starlight, revealing an inconsequential cacophony of colour with every surface it touched.

Most days they had to shelter themselves behind the shadows from the man-made weapon of our ‘modern’ society who had annexed the creature’s home, in order to keep safe.

But something was changing.

A sudden cataclysmic ceasefire had to be unconsciously called from this industrial society, calling back its weapons in fear of the spread of a contemporary biological weapon.

These viral shaped bombs, lead to the explosion of a desolate landscape which was now occupied in deafening silence, no longer enthralled in the busy life of the working man. The faintest whisper hung desperately in the air, bouncing off the abandoned walls of the abandoned city in an abandoned country.

Now it was a chance for these residents of the dark to leave their constant shadows.

And as the lucid orange sunrise began to awake from its slumber, so did the wildlife and their bustling passions to step out into a place which seemed like an apocalyptic wasteland killed by the light. Like fingers stretching out to seek warmth, the first of the mother nature’s children stepped out into uncharted waters, spurred into this spontaneous act from the desire to discover the unknown. They saw an environment they had been isolated from for generations now vacant and this was a once in a lifetime experience for the taking.

The abundance of creatures began to dance nimbly under the disco ball of the sunlight, feeling intoxicated by the embracing heat upon their skin, making them feel welcomed into a world they had been unceasingly versed to stay away from. The diamond encrusted sky enveloped those in ecstasy; they were rapacious in the sea of light that was bequeathed upon them and soon their muscles began to tremble with giddy exertion.

But this fatigue did not stop them.

To them it was like an archway to an eternal paradise. But a fear of this gift hung dormant in the air, manifesting into the conclusion that this wouldn’t last forever.

But in that moment, for the first time they were free. And unknown to them, the sacrifice of our freedom had led them to finally experience their own, to them it no longer mattered how long they had.

To them it somehow seemed that this lucid orange sunrise was suspended in the air for those below to revel in its beauty.