Classes Offered

Due to COVID-19 we are offering classes via the following formats: Live Stream classes, Pre-Recorded Zumba and videos on YouTube.

Live Stream Class Schedule

Virtual Live Streaming Classes are conducted via ZOOM

Class times, dates and availability are subject to change. AZ timezone

October Class Schedule


  • 9:00am Dance Fitness

  • 10:30am Chair Yoga


  • 10:00am Zumba®

  • 2:00pm PWR!Moves (New time)


  • 9:00am Pilates Mat


  • 9:00am Zumba®

  • 10:30am Gentle Yoga

To get started, it's as easy as 1,2,3.... :

1) Download the Zoom App: 2) Zoom account required. You will be prompted to create one after the download completes. If not, click: Sign up for a free 3) Complete our Live Stream Waiver 4) Select your Contribution payment option. 5) We will email you the link for classes.

ZOOM Troubleshooting

On Demand Pre-Recorded Zumba Classes

Can't make it to our Zoom Zumba class? Need more flexibility? Not a Zoom person? Or just want an extra dance class during the week? Try our On Demand Zumba Classes. Class dates/times are posted at Therese's Zumba Page for Pre-Recorded Classes. Classes are available for viewing up to 24 hours from the class time posted. $5 per class.

If you need assistance to get started, click Pricing and scroll down to ON DEMAND PRE-RECORDED ZUMBA CLASSES.

Living Fit Today's YouTube Channel

Can't make it to a class? Our YouTube Channel contains recorded Chair Yoga, PWR!Moves and Pilates Mat classes. Available 24/7. Click the link below and subscribe today.

Link: Living Fit Today on YouTube

Click the above link for common Zoom troubleshooting solutions.