Live Stream ZOOM Classes

In lieu of Class fees, we accept Contributions. Our goal is continue bringing you safe, fun, healthy, mindful classes. Take any or all classes and contribute as you feel the value to your health and wellness. We appreciate your continued support. Contributions can be made per class, weekly, monthly, etc.

Contributions accepted through the following:

send to:

A completed Live Stream Class Waiver is required prior to attending class.

ON DEMAND Pre-Recorded Zumba Classes

ON Demand Pre-Recorded classes for Zumba are $5 per class with PayPal. The following is if you need assistance in getting started. Otherwise you can go directly to: Therese's Zumba Page for Pre-Recorded Classes . Classes are available for viewing up to 24 hours from the class time posted.

To access ON Demand classes and pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit (Easiest and quickest):

  1. Follow the link: Therese's Zumba Page for Pre-Recorded Classes

  2. Sign-In via

    1. Facebook

    2. Google

    3. Email

  3. Select class

  4. Choose payment type (Access to class is immediate upon payment.)

    1. PayPal (using your current account)

    2. Credit or Debit Card

  5. Start Dancing

After you initially set up, you can go straight to the Zumba page for future classes.

In Person Classes

Refer to your respective community to register and other information.