zoom troubleshooting

How Do I Get the ZOOM App On My Computer and Create A Free ZOOM Account

Step 1) Open ZOOM Download at: ZOOM.us/Download

Step 2) Select "ZOOM Client for Meetings" (ZOOM installer will download onto your computer. Open when download is complete.)

Step 3) You will be prompted to create a ZOOM account when the download completes. (ZOOM account is required.) Save ZOOM Email and Password in a safe place, you will need it for all future meetings.

Note: If not prompted to create a ZOOM account, click: Sign up for a free (ZOOM account is required.) Save ZOOM Email and Password in a safe place, you will need it for all future meetings.

How Do I Join Your Meeting

Make sure you have downloaded the ZOOM App and signed up for a ZOOM account. We send an email that includes a meeting link along with Meeting ID and a Passcode. Here are a few options to join our virtual classes:

Option 1: Click on the link provided and it will open ZOOM and take you into the "ZOOM Meeting Waiting Room". If you are prompted "Only authenticated users are permitted" enter your ZOOM sign in information (Email and Password).

Option 2:

Step 1) Open the ZOOM App on your computer and enter your ZOOM sign in information (Email and Password).

Step 2) Click "Join".

Step 3) Enter Meeting ID or personal link name (Meeting ID and link name can be found in the email you received.)

(If having trouble after signing in see next section below)

Testing Audio and Joining with Video. After you join the meeting, click "Join with Computer Audio" and "Join with Video". The program will prompt you if you want to test your audio to check your microphone and speakers. We recommend that you test both so that you can hear and talk during the meeting.

Waiting Room. After you join the meeting you will be placed in the Waiting Room until the Host admits you into the meeting. Please be patient. We recommend that you join the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. We are unable to admit you once the meeting has begun.

I'm Having Trouble Joining The Meeting

(Remember sometimes you do everything right and it just doesn't work. The problem may be with ZOOM or the internet. )

If prompted " Please wait for the host to start the meeting." Be patient and hold on. The Host has not yet started the meeting.

If prompted " The host has another meeting in progress". Be patient and attempt to join the meeting again in a few moments. You will receive this prompt when we are testing the system.

For security, all class participants must have a ZOOM account. Below are a few of the messages that may come up when you are not signed in to ZOOM.

"The meeting is for internal only. Please sign in with your company to join." If you receive this notice while trying to join our meeting, you have not signed into ZOOM with your ZOOM Email and Password. Press "Leave" and try again using your ZOOM account.

"This Meeting is Only for Authorized Users." Click "Switch Account To Join" and enter your ZOOM Email and Password. (Receiving this message means you are in ZOOM, but not signed in with your ZOOM account.)

"This Meeting is Only for Authorized Users." Click "Sign In To Join" and enter your ZOOM Email and Password. (This notice is a reminder that you have to sign in with your ZOOM account.)

I'm Having Connection/Freezing Issues

Lagging and freezing usually indicates a problem with your internet connection. It will also happen at peak times.

1) Ideally, have your computer/laptop hardwired into your router.

2) If using WiFi, place your device as close to the router as possible. And turn off other WiFi devices in the house, for example: cell phones, other computers/laptops, streaming, etc.

3) Turn off all other programs including your browser. Only the ZOOM App is needed.

4) If you have a ZOOM virtual background, revert back to none.

5) Upgrade your internet.

How to Check for ZOOM Updates

Occasionally, check to see if there are updates to the ZOOM App.

(If you are using an iPhone/iPad ,update via you app store)

Open the ZOOM App and sign in. Look at the top right of the page and click on your picture (or where it looks like a picture of a person). A drop down box appears.

After you click on your picture a drop down box appears. Near the bottom, find "Check for Updates" and click. The program will let you know if you are "up to date". If not, click "update" to get the latest version of ZOOM.

Additional ZOOM Problems?

When all else fails, close out of ZOOM, turn off your computer and restart.

If your issue is not found above, please refer to the ZOOM Support