-Cutting Coupons-

Cut coupons with Mrs. Catalina.

-Blowing A Bubble-

Get your gum and blow a bubble with Mrs. Adam.

-Cutting Playdoh-

Have fun with Playdoh with Mrs. Catalina.

-I-Sense with Cookie Monster-

Do an I-Sense activity with cookie monster.

-Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark-

Sing a song while washing your hands.

-Danger in Slow Motion-

Watch Mrs. Catalina's dog, Danger, fetch in slow motion.

-Hand Washing Parody-

A selection of songs that are about hand washing.

-Singing in the Rain-

Video of Mr. Hunter singing and dancing in the rain.

-Washing Your Toys-

A video of Mr. Hunter's cat Skip washing his cat toy.