This website is a collection of resources by Fresno Unified and other Transitional Kindergarten teachers who want to provide resources for our students in this unprecedented time. My focus for the site is keeping it navigable for our kids and providing a connection to their teachers. I welcome ANY of you to contribute, copy, share, link, or duplicate in anyway you see fit. The more we can reach our children in this time of need and provide something both familiar and fun the more we ease the transition into this unknown place we find ourselves in. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. To submit ideas for this page please reach out. David.Hunter@fresnounified.org

Participating TK teachers include:

David Hunter – Ericson Elementary

Allison Catalina – Rowell Elementary

Laurel Ciummo – Centennial Elementary

Choua Yang – Birney Elementary

Scott Merrill – Ewing Elementary

Debbie Bernabe – Easterby Elementary

Christina Ajamian – Pyle Elementary

Cindy Piper Leavenworth Elementary

Gloria Simpson Birney Elementary

Vivian Hirayama Malloch Elementary

Joanna Jones Vinland Elementary

Micelle Brown – Susan B. Anthony Elementary

Stephanie Lowe – Wilson Elementary

Pahoua Vang – Jefferson Elementary

Alyssa Isaak – Vinland Elementary

Shari Coy – Early Learning

Participating Pre-School teachers include:

Iveth Macias – Lincoln Elementary

FairfieldSuisun Unified School District

Kaitlin Alden Laurel Creek Elementary

Scarlett Thoming Laurel Creek Elementary

Hacienda La Puente School District

Shawna Adam – Los Molinos Elementary

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

AllysoIn Brooks – Education Director

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