-Threading Activity-

Do a threading activity with Mrs. Catalina.

-Door Handles-

Count the door handles in your home with Mrs. Adam.

-Adding with Snack-

Practice your adding using your snack with Mrs. Catalina.


Review subtraction with Mrs. Isaak.

-Number Match-

Use bottle caps to play a number game with Mrs. Yang.

-Numbers With Stickers-

Practice your numbers using stickers with Mrs. Catalina.


Sort and make patterns with Mrs. Iveth.

-Making 3D Shapes-

Make 3D Shapes with Mrs. Jones.

-Let's Make A Box-

Make a box with Mrs. Adam.


Review subtraction with Ms. Vang.

-Teen Numbers-

Review your teen numbers with Mrs. Isaak.

-3D Shapes with Playdoh-

Make 3D shapes using Playdoh with Mrs. Catalina.

-Find The Number-

Play a find the number game with Mrs. Adam.

-Number Writing and Song-

Review your numbers using a song with Mrs. Yang.

-2D Shapes with Playdoh PART 1-

Make 2D shapes with Playdoh with Mrs. Catalina.

-2D Shapes with Playdoh PART 2-

Make 2D shapes with Playdoh with Mrs. Catalina.

-Less and More-

Find out what numbers are less or more with Mrs. Hirayama.

-Don't Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch-

Practice your counting in a fun way with Mrs. Adam.

-2D Shapes Review-

Review your 2D shapes with Mrs. Yang.

-Memory Game-

Practice your numbers while playing a memory game with Mrs. Iveth.

-A-B Patterns-

Review your A-B patterns with Mrs. Alden.

-Marshmallow Math-

Count marshmallows with Mr. Hunter.

-Different Ways to Count-

Find out different ways to count with Mrs. Hirayama.

-Counting Toys-

Review your counting skills with Mrs. Catalina.

-Cup Stacking-

Stack cups with Mrs. Jones.

-Hit That Number-

Practice your numbers with Mrs. Thoming using a Hit That Number game.

-Practicing Numbers-

Practice your numbers with Mrs. Iveth.

-Rhombus Song-

Sing the Rhombus Song with Mr. Hunter.

-Counting 1 to 1-

Count 1 to 1 with Mrs. Bernabe.

-Sorting and Counting With Mrs. Piper-

Count and sort with Mrs. Piper.


Add with Mrs. Bernabe.


Make patterns with Mrs. Piper.

-Number Writing-

Review how to write your numbers with Mrs. Bernabe.

-Teen Number Toss-

Review your numbers with Mrs. Simpson using a number toss game.

-Shapes Review-

Review your shapes with Mrs. Ciummo.

-Counting Snacks-

Count your snack with Mrs. Thoming.

-Counting Chair Legs-

Count the chair legs in your home with Mr. Hunter.

-Counting Goldfish-

Count your snack with Mrs. Catalina.

-Counting Cereal-

Count pieces of cereal with Mrs. Yang.