-Making A Lava Lamp-

Make a lava lamp with Mrs. Simpson.

-Animals in the Wild-

See animals in the wild with Mr. Hunter.

-Ice Cream-

Make ice cream in a bag with Mrs. Adam.

-Skittles Rainbow-

Do a Skittles rainbow experiment with Mrs. Catalina.

-DIY Playdoh-

Make Playdoh with Mrs. Iveth.

-Predators and Prey-

Learn about predators and prey with Mrs. Allyson.

-How To Recycle a Toilet Paper Tube-

Mrs. Adam gives you ideas to recycle a TP tube.

-Scavenger Hunt-

Go on a science scavenger hunt with Mrs. Allyson.

-Identify and Label a Plant-

Identify and label a plant with Mrs. Adam.

-Cooking Pigs in a Blanket-

Learn how to bake pigs in a blanket with Mrs. Adam.

-Ladybug Eating-

Make ladybugs with food with Mrs. Jones.

-Making Playdoh-

Make Playdoh with Mrs. Catalina.

-Blue Tongue Skink-

Learn about a blue tongue skink with Mrs. Adam.

-Making Butter-

Learn how to make butter in a jar with Mrs. Simpson.

-Weeds and Seeds-

Learn about weeds and seeds with Mrs. Adam.

-Starting Seeds with an Egg Carton-

Reuse your egg cartons to start a garden with Mr. Merrill.


Make slime with Mrs. Yang.

-Egg Science-

Find out if an egg sinks or floats with Mrs. Ajamian.

-Magic Potion Science Experiment-

Make magic potions with Mrs. Ciummo.


Video of flowers Mr. Hunter saw on a hike.

-Volcano Experiment-

Make your own volcano with Mrs. Yang.

-Apple Peeler-

Video of Mr. Hunter's students watching an apple get peeled and cored.

-Rainbow Science-

Learn how to make a rainbow with Ms. Ajamian.