Get Moving

-I'm A Little Teapot-

Sing I'm A Little Teapot with Mrs. Catalina.

-If You're Happy and You Know It-

Sing If You're Happy and You Know It with Mrs. Catalina.

-Open Shut Them-

Sing Open Shut Them with Mrs. Catalina.

-Number Movement-

Get moving while practicing numbers 16-20 with Mrs. Catalina.

-10 Little Bunnies-

Sing 10 Little Bunnies with Mrs. Catalina.

-Month Macarena-

Sing the Month Macarena with Mrs. Thoming.

-Where is Thumpkin?-

Sing Where is Thumpkin? with Mr. Hunter.

-Mrs. Bernabe Movement-

This video is by Fresno Unified's, Easterby TK Teacher Debbie Bernabe, giving ideas on things to keep kids moving.

-Head, Shoulders Song With Voices-

Sing the Head, Shoulders Song in different voices with Mr. Hunter.

Voices sheet.pdf

-Voices Sheet-

Voice sheet for Head, Shoulders Song.


-Number Movement-

Get moving while practicing your numbers with Mrs. Catalina.

-Johnny Works With One Hammer-

Sing Johnny Works With One Hammer with Mr. Hunter.