Sustainable Urban Energy

Ms. Reina Sofia Cabezas

Hello Castlemont class of 2025!

Though we have a lot to learn from one another I'm so honored to get to know you. Last year we were all online. Let's have a lot of compassion toward one another and to ourselves as we come back to in-person "normal" school . I commit to learn about each of you to understand what you need to be successful this year.



What is Sustainable Urban Energy?

Sustainable Urban Energy (SUE) is an A-G D integrated science lab approved course and the introductory course for the Sustainable Urban Design Academy.

SUE students explore the role of energy in our lives, where it comes from, how it is used in order to apply their knowledge in the context of our changing climate and human health:

  1. natural and engineered forms of energy

  2. the physics of energy

  3. energy systems and cycles, and

  4. how cities can create, use, conserve and reduce energy use through solar, wind and water power.