Physical Education

Mr. Soto Johnson

Welcome to Physical Education at Castlemont High School. I will be your teacher for this school year. This page will contain information we will use to educate ourselves this year. Every year I teach, I grow and become better. I look forward to you helping me become better!


PE Lifestyle

If you live a PE lifestyle, you strive to stay in shape, and help those around you achieve their fitness goals. Let 's promote everyone to live a PE lifestyle!

What I do

I look to provide many learning opportunities for my students. I look to push you physically and mentally. I do that using a variety of learning strategies: audio (music), visual (videos), and more. We do more than just play games. I have an all-encompassing program that incorporates reading, writing, reflection, and research. This video gives an overview of what we do, and gives you a little more information about me. (I made this video when I taught at the middle school level.)

2019-2020 School Year

This video displays the activities we did last year, up until we had to "shelter in place." This is what our teaching year will return to at some point.

Pain is Temorary




Be Water


Castlemont Performance


Castlemont Performance


The Quarantine Slide


The Quarantine Slide

How To Video

The Quarantine Slide

Teacher's Performance