Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

Mr. Jones

Welcome to Exploring Computer Science(E.C.S) at Castlemont HIgh School. I’ve been at Castlemont neatly 5 years . I've worked in school districts for nearly thirteen years. My goal while working in any district is to always promote independence, readiness, and creativity. I am very excited to guide you all down the path of computer science

Email: stevann.jones@ousd.org

Ph: 510-833-7318

Core Values

The core values I expect Knights to demonstrate

  • Courage: Students are required to step out of their comfort zones and dive deep into the unknown.

  • Creativity: Our mission is to foster ideas and concepts that shape future innovation that will impact society .

  • Inquiry: Pushing the 5 W’s: Pushing the Who, When,Where, What, Why and How is required for every student. Inquiry is one of the greatest tools.

  • Equity: Everyone's voice has value, and we all share our own opinions, It develops a richer classroom experience.

Topics Covered in ECS

Computer Science

Graphic Design


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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Career technical education is the heart of ECS. My goal for students is to introduce and develop new skills in the computer tech field. As a result, you the student will be aware and prepared with tech skills to explore the world of computer science. Hoping to motivated and empower you to take the path toward entrepreneurship.

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