Solihull Philatelic Society Exchange Packet Rules

Exchange Packet Secretary: Bryan A Jones, 73 Neville Rd,Shirley, Solihull B90 2QN.

Telephone No: 0121–744–7673

Dear Member.

Rules of the Exchange Packet Service.

The Exchange Packet has been in operation since 1968, the rules which govern its operation are given below. Your assistance in maintaining these rules is requested, both to assist other members and to ensure that the work involved in operating the Exchange Packet circuits are kept to a minimum.

    1. All recipients of the Exchange Packet must be paid-up members of the Solihull Philatelic Society, aged 18 years or more, or paid-up members of associated societies that the committee of the Solihull Philatelic Society has agreed can be included in the Solihull Exchange Packet circuit.
    2. Contributors to the Exchange Packet need not necessarily be members of the Society.
    3. All Exchange Packets shall comprise “mixed” material, stamps from all countries, postcards, and covers individually priced. There is no intention of providing “specialised” Exchange Packets restricted to material from any single, or groups, of countries.
    4. All material submitted should be securely mounted by contributors in standard sized booklets. Supplies of blank booklets can be obtained from the Exchange Packet Secretary at 18p each, plus postage where required. Individually priced postcards or covers can be submitted in envelopes with a size not exceeding 15 x 24cms.
    5. Stamps should be mounted on the right hand page of each booklet only, being affixed with good quality hinges or within mounts. Prices should be clearly marked above each item preferably with a catalogue number, supplementary information, such as catalogue values, can be included, but should be shown in a different colour ink to avoid confusion. Pages should be numbered, and the total value of each book shown on the front cover with the contributors name (and address if desired).
    6. Charges to contributors, levied at the end of the circuit, will comprise:- Commission of 10% of Gross Sales on that circuit; Insurance at 1p in the £ Gross Book value; and Postage.
    7. Contributors may elect to carry their own insurance, in which case the Exchange Packet Secretary must be notified in writing at the time that their first contribution is received. In such cases no Insurance will be levied, but the Society will not be liable for any losses. Insurance cover commences from the point at which material is received by the Exchange Packet Secretary, it does not cover material in transit to the Exchange Packet Secretary.
    8. Books will be returned at the end of the circuit, consignments will be restricted to material valued at £300 or less in any envelope. Unless specific instructions have been given by the contributor, returned material will be despatched by second class mail, with Proof of Posting in every case, higher value material will, at the Exchange Packet Secretary’s discretion be returned by Recorded Delivery.
    9. The Exchange Packet Secretary reserves the right to reject material which is considered unsuitable for circulation. Previously circulated books will not be accepted.
    10. The Exchange Packet comprises a large single circuit. Material will be returned along with a payment covering sales on completion of that circuit.
    11. The organisation of the circuit is such that individual Exchange Packets can be delivered by hand to the next person on the circulation list. Packets must not under any circumstances be circulated using postal services.
    12. Individual circulation lists will be produced for each Exchange Packet, in this way all members will at some time find themselves at, or near, the top of the list. In order to minimise the work involved in issuing Exchange Packets onto the circuit the Exchange Packet Secretary has the right to commence circuits with those members regularly seen at Solihull P.S meetings.
    13. In the event that any member receives multiple Exchange Packets at any one time their assistance is requested to split these packets, passing the oldest of the packets on to the next person in line, and either holding back the other packet for a limited period of time before passing on in the normal way, or alternatively passing back to anyone earlier in the circuit who has been missed out.
    14. Members are asked not to keep individual packets for more than three days, and if holidays or other circumstances are likely to delay circulation, they should notify those immediately in front of them on the circuit so that they can, for the limited time in question, be bypassed.
    15. Changes of address, whether permanent or temporary, must be notified in writing to the Exchange Packet Secretary at the earliest opportunity.
    16. Members are responsible for the safe custody of all material contained in the Exchange Packets whilst in their possession. Other unauthorised persons should not be allowed access. Exchange Packets should be handed over to the next recipient, under no circumstances should Packets be left at recipients houses if he/she is not there to receive it. The “hand-over” slip should be signed for by the recipient to confirm acceptance and forwarded to the Exchange Packet Secretary. Exchange Packets must not be left in unattended vehicles, our insurance cover excludes liability for any losses under such circumstances, in which case the member concerned will be wholly liable.
    17. All material removed/purchased from Exchange Packets must be signed for in a clearly identifiable way. Use of rubber name stamps is preferred, but where a pen signature is used some inter-leaving should be inserted between pages to avoid damage occurring to stamps on the following pages. Use of ball point pens in close proximity to stamps should be avoided.
    18. Total purchases from each book should be entered clearly on the front of each book.
    19. The individual Exchange Packet Account form, detailing all purchases made from that Packet, accompanied by the “Hand-Over” slip, duly signed and dated, plus the remittance to cover purchases made, should be sent to the Exchange Packet Secretary within a short period of the Packet being handed on. Where no purchases have been made only the completed “Hand-Over” slip should be returned. In those cases where a number of Packets have been received over a short period a single remittance can be made covering the total of purchases shown on the various Account forms.
    20. Remittances by cheque should be made out to Solihull Philatelic Society, (not to the Exchange Packet Secretary). Smaller purchases can be paid for in cash, or by means of unmounted mint GB current postage stamps.
    21. Any discrepancies within any Packet should be notified as follows:
      • Unsigned spaces. Identify the space concerned and make a note giving name and date on facing page. Notify Exchange Packet Secretary.
      • Incorrect description of item. Note details on facing page, sign and date.
      • At the discretion of the Exchange Packet Secretary the member preceding the person identifying any missing item shall be deemed to be liable for the total value of that item. It is therefore advised that particular care is taken to ensure that all spaces are properly signed before handing on any Packet.
    22. The Exchange Packet Secretary reserves the right to remove any member from the circulation list if that member is in breach of Exchange Packet rules. Substitution of any item in any Packet will result in the offender, once identified, being immediately removed from Packet and Society membership, with other actions against that individual being considered by the committee at their discretion.
    23. The ownership of all material being circulated is vested in the name of the Exchange Packet Secretary whilst awaiting, or during, circulation.
    24. Whilst material in all Packets is fully insured (only where the contributor has accepted the Society’s insurance), the Exchange Packet Secretary will not hold himself responsible for any letters, stamps, covers or other contents of Packets, damaged or lost in transit, or for the loss occasioned by the defalcation, bankruptcy or death of any member, or for debts of members, but will only be liable to account for moneys actually received by him. Every precaution will be taken to guard against the provisions of this rule being required.

Bryan A Jones

Exchange Packet Secretary

Application Form to join the Exchange Packet - Please print off and complete the Application Form found here.