Guidance on how to dispose of a Stamp Collection

This is a short guide to what you can do if you have either re-discovered an old stamp collection in a cupboard or the attic or have inherited one. For more information (but somewhat American biased) see the results of this search on Google.

Your basic choices, in no particular order, are:

    • Do nothing - put the collection away and worry about it later
    • Become a stamp collector
    • Pass the collection on to the next generation – but check how valuable it is before giving to a 4 year-old !!
    • Give the collection away
    • Sell the collection to a local dealer – for example go along to the Stamp Fairs held regularly in Kenilworth and talk to the dealers there
    • Ask an auction house to sell it for you – you can use Yell to find a list of Stamp Dealers in Warwickshire or the West Midlands
    • Sell all or part of the collection on eBay or another online auction house (this will take some time and personal expertise)

Like anything else in life these days, DO shop around and make sure when you do dispose of the collection that you get more than one opinion of its value.