Society Constitution

1. The name of the Society shall be the “Leamington & Warwick Philatelic Society” (hereinafter called the Society).

2. The objects of the Society shall be to promote, by all reasonable means, interest in all facets of Stamp Collecting and Philately.

3. Membership of the Society shall involve:

a. Approval of an application to join, comprising:

i. The completion of an application for membership of an official application form

ii. Approval by at least two of the officers of the Society

iii. Payment of an annual subscription, due 1st September, the latter amount for all forthcoming sessions to be fixed at each Annual General Meeting.

b. The Treasurer has discretion to vary the subscription for members joining after the mid-point of the annual cycle of meetings, or for members under the age of 18 on 1st September.

c. The committee may refuse or expel any person from membership of the Society, without publishing its reasons, provided such person has been given the opportunity to appear before the committee in this context. The committee shall report to the AGM any such cases, but without naming the person involved, and only such details of the reasons as seem appropriate.

d. If the annual subscription has not been paid by 1st December, the member shall be deemed to have resigned.

4. An Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of May of each year.

5. At Annual General meetings, the following business shall be included in the Agenda:

a. The Annual Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet, shall be made available to the assembly;

b. The election of officers and committee shall take place, they will be:

i. Officers

· Hon. Chairman

· Hon. Vice-Chairman

· Hon. Secretary

· Hon. Treasurer

· Programme Secretary

· Publicity Officer

ii. Other members

· Representative at other kindred bodies to which the Society is affiliated

· Up to 2 other committee members

More than one office may be held by any member of the committee.

The Chairman may be re-elected for a further year, subject to serving for a maximum of 3 consecutive years.

c. The Committee shall appoint up to two Independent Examiners for the accounts; the examiner(s) shall not be members of the Committee, nor signatories or parties to any financial or contractual transactions, but may be members of the Society; they shall report to the Committee on their opinion as to whether the accounts conform with the Treasurer’s record of transactions.

d. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the committee or at the request of no less than 25% of the membership, which request to be in writing to the Secretary stating the nature of the business and signed by those requesting the meeting.

6. Any proposition to alter the Rules of the Society must be made in writing, seconded and be in the hands of the Secretary 14 days before the AGM or Extraordinary meeting. It must then receive at least two thirds majority of those members voting.

7. Motions presented to the AGM need approval from a simple majority of those voting: in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote. If amendments are proposed to any motion presented to the AGM, a vote shall first be made on the amendments, and then a vote on the original motion, incorporating any agreed amendments.

8. Committee powers

a. The committee shall be empowered to co-opt new members should a need arise. Subsequently they must stand for election at the next Annual General Meeting.

b. The committee shall meet at such times and places as it may determine, a quorum for which will be half the committee membership. In matters relating to the running of the Society, a decision taken by the committee will be final.

c. The committee may elect sub-committees, or delegate decisions to an officer, to deal with any function, but shall retain the right to overrule their decisions.

d. The Hon. Secretary shall conduct all official business of the Society and its committee and shall attend all meetings within the Society where possible. He will be responsible for the Minutes of the Meetings and make them available for inspection by any Society member.

e. The Hon. Treasurer shall be authorised to open an account in the name of the Society and shall issue cash/cheques in the name of the Society to settle accounts. The Treasurer shall, on demand of the committee, submit all relevant books and accounts for such scrutiny as the committee may determine.

f. The financial year for the Society shall be deemed to end one week before the AGM, unless otherwise agreed by the Committee and reported to the AGM.

g. The Officers of the Society shall have discretion to act in any case where the Constitution is silent. Such action shall be reported on at the next AGM and approval sought.

9. Disclaimer clause: Exclusion of liability:

Neither the Society, nor any officer thereof shall be liable to any member, guest of a member, or visitor, for any loss or damage to any property occurring from whatever cause in or about the premises, nor for any injury sustained by any member, guest or visitor on, or entering, or leaving the premises or whilst engaged upon any Society business. Nevertheless the Committee may, at its discretion, take out any insurance cover which it deems appropriate.

Leamington Spa

Adopted October 2007