Volunteering with ASPIRE

Steps to Volunteering with ASPIRE:

1. Discussion with Team Leader about volunteering with ASPIRE

2. Office Tour

5. Read Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting (printable)

6. Complete ASPIRE Application and Agreement (printable)

8. Watch videos:
    Become a Volunteer VIDEO (2.54 minutes)
     ASPIRE Volunteer Basics VIDEO (10:25 minutes)
    College and Career Basics VIDEO (10:12 minutes)
    Financial Aid Basics VIDEO (8:24 minutes)

9. Select student(s) to start

10. Job shadow for at least one meeting with a student

Additional Resources: 

ASPIRE for the Community VIDEO (10:54 minutes)
ASPIRE Volunteer Handbook (with links to videos and printable documents)
Oregon Promise VIDEO (41:03 minutes)
Volunteer Survey (due by May 15 each year)

For Coordinators

ASPIRE for Coordinators VIDEO (12:06 minutes)

FAFSA + Training VIDEO (19:42 minutes)

Submitting Reports VIDEO (12:20 minutes)

Coordinator Survey (due by May 15)